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Guryevsky PR-ZD, 35/58, Moscow 

115597, Russia

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phone: + 7 (909) 660-19-38   

EMAIL: amurtigermoscow@gmail.com

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About the cattery

Our first trial photo shoot was very long and hard))) not much happened , but it was a lot of fun : -) on the video we have a month :-)

In the cattery we pay special attention to the active growth and development of kittens. Kids are members of our family, everyone is given the maximum time to the kitten was socialized and loved people, was active and healthy. Every kitten grows in love and care.

Kitten to develop properly and be healthy , is crucial to the proper and balanced diet children. Kids receive high-quality natural food with addition of all necessary vitamins, receive super premium dry and damp forages. The health of our kittens is the key to a happy and long life!!!

We monitor the health of our kids, teach them to wash and dry, because the fur also requires regular care. Our children are already accustomed to these procedures.

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