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Guryevsky PR-ZD, 35/58, Moscow 

115597, Russia

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phone: + 7 (909) 660-19-38   

EMAIL: amurtigermoscow@gmail.com

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Buy Siberian or Neva masquerade                       kitten in our cattery.

In our kennel Amur Tiger you can buy a high-breed Siberian kitten from titled parents on the WCF system. All kittens act in club "Astra" in Moscow.


Our Siberian or Neva masquerade kittens leave the cattery at the age of at least 12-14 weeks, after deworming , complete vaccination and chipping.

By this time kittens are completely socialized , accustomed to a tray and a scratching post. 



All cats and cats of our cattery participating in the breeding work of the cattery are tested for genetic diseases: polycystic kidney disease (PKD), cardiomyopathy of the heart(HCM)


And also, before viscous animals of nursery are necessarily checked for infectious diseases: chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, a coronavirus infection, leukemia of cats (FELV), the virus of immunodeficiency of cats (FIV), infectious peritonitis of cats (FIP).

All kittens at transfer to new owners receive a full package of documents, namely:

Agreement + act of acceptance and transfer of the animal to the new owner

Veterinary passport with marks of preventive measures.

Copies of medical tests.

Metric or pedigree. Kittens that are sold without the right breeding, have the appropriate mark "not for breeding" (not for BREEDING) in the metric and pedigree.

We had kittens
             02 November 2018

Dad: W. Ch.(World Champion) Buket Skazka Sibiri 
Mom: Gr.Int.Ch. (Grand International Champion) Amanda Aus Blumeland 
Kittens will be ready to move after February 10, 2019

Adam Amur Tiger


Siberian boy


Color: blue marble (a 22)

 Date of birth: 02.11.18

Status: reserve

Apollon Amur Tiger


Boy breed Siberian (Neva masquerade)

Colour: blue-tabby point (a 21 33)​

Date of birth: 02.11.18

Status: free

Ares Amur Tiger


Boy breed Siberian (Neva masquerade)

Colour:blue-tabby point (a 21 33)

Date of birth: 02.11.18​


Status: reserve

Amour Amur Tiger


Siberian boy

Color: blue spotted (a 24)

 Date of birth: 02.11.18

Status: free